Texan Mommy Induces Labor Early. Her Reason Broke My Heart Into Many Pieces

They say that every second, a person is born in this world and another one dies. What if that were to happen in the same room? This was the tough situation that Dianne and Mark Aulger faced. Mark had colon cancer that went into remission for a while but then he developed Pulmonary Fibrosis from his treatment – he wasn’t getting enough oxygen to his organs and brain. The end was near – a tough blow for a family with four kids and one on the way. Would Mark make it to see her?

Dianne decided to go ahead and be induced. Women everywhere know how much of a sacrifice this was, because childbirth is NOT easy. Even if she had already birthed four kids before, she still had to undergo the contractions and everything. So let’s not make light of that. It was literally a race against time. Would Dianne be able to deliver her baby, Savannah, before Mark lost his cancer battle? She won, but it turned out to have a bittersweet ending.

The hospital staff wheeled Mark’s bed into her delivery room. By now, it was evident that he was rapidly losing this battle against cancer. He wore a mask on his face that pushed oxygen through his system. This was an eerily familiar sight for me – I remember seeing my uncle wearing it when he was in the final stages of pancreatic cancer. Mark was fighting though – he wanted to see his baby daughter before he went. He did and then passed while surrounded by his loved ones.

It’s amazing what the human body is capable of, even those that are dying. I’ve heard of terminally-ill people hanging on until they get to say goodbye to a specific family member or friend. After that, it’s almost like the body says, “OK, I’m good. Time to shut down.” Mark did that and Dianne was amazing for being able to grant that last request of his. We should all be so lucky when it’s our time to go.

I was sniffling by the end of this video. How about you? It’s sad that Savannah won’t see her dad, but at least she can watch this video. What did you think of Dianne’s gift to him? Please leave a comment below!

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