A Texas Couple Had An Odd Retirement Plan…A Horse Sanctuary! What An Inspiring Story!

It’s not uncommon for older couples to have a savings account ready for their retirement, so that they have a plan to enjoy their golden years to the best of their extent. But for Larry and Peggy, the plans shifted in the most unexpected way. Instead of using it for travel or for retirement abroad, they took the decision to build an animal shelter for horses, so that they could take care of them and let them live in their habitat.

The sanctuary is aptly named “Habitat For Horses”, and it’s beautiful. According to this very noble couple, they eventually lost the desire to simply travel the world, and realized that building a safe place for horses so that they could spend their time taking care of them was a much better way for them to spend their time and effort.

Habitat For Horses is especially prepared to take care of horses that suffered abuse and neglect. Most of the horses that live with them have a very troubled past, either due to abandonment or direct abuse. Thanks to their amazing effort, they got a chance to be happy again and live the rest of their lives in peace.

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