Texas Mom Shows a Love Like No Other! Bystanders Couldn’t Believe Her Shocking Display of Love.

The bond a mother shares with her child is deeply intricate, it seems indescribable. Rather, words don’t do it the proper justice it so readily deserves. It’s a feeling and a very strong one at that. Not everyone would understand. The two of you do though and who else matters when it comes to that? It’s hard raising children, it’s hard being a parent. All of it. Yet, some moms may find themselves looking to support their children through fund raisers or chaperoning. Being a part of their life and activities in school. A parent being there is always awesome, yet when it came to Jennifer Duncan, she did a bit more than show up.

Her young boy Daniel is only eight months old. He’s her pride and joy and while she tells him, actions truly speak louder than words.

The day started out like any other, as most do when extraordinary events are around the corner. Eight-month-old Daniel and mother Jennifer were driving to daycare. They drove as they routinely did, down the I-35, the Duncan Duo were abruptly in an accident. The accident itself wasn’t anything too serious, the drivers were glad no one was too seriously injured.

As the mother took down information, Daniel waited patiently on the shoulder of the road. After a long and extensive dialogue, something peculiar happened. A kind drive noticed that they were in the path of oncoming traffic, and slid his car to block the quickly approaching tragedy. Duncan’s mother watched in horror, as her child was moments away from suffering a grim fate. Her movements could only be described as instinct. The finale of this rapid escalation left my jaw wide open.

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