Texas Rescue Group Flies 18 Golden Retrievers To The U.S. To Find New Homes For Them

In the U.S. almost all animal shelters works daily to help find forever homes for: older dogs, disabled dogs, or dogs from “dangerous” breeds, like the many sweet-natured pit bulls that end up in streets.

It may sound a little bit surprising, but in Turkey the dogs that most often end up abandoned are not bulldogs. The streets of Turkish cities like Istanbul and Ankara are full of golden retrievers!

About 10 years ago, the sweet-natured representatives of this breed were the “it” dog in the Mediterranean nation, but they fell out of fashion just a few years later. Hundreds of people abandoned their dogs on the streets.

But Texas rescue group Gold Ribbon Rescue is trying to change that dynamic. The group went to Turkey and flew 18 retrievers to the U.S., spending $1,600 on each dog. And here in the U.S., there are dozens of people hoping to adopt each dog, and the group hopes that the publicity from their first rescue campaign will allow them to rescue and rehome dozens more abandoned Goldens in the future!

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