This Thai Elephant Is Musical As The Day Is Long! I Couldn’t Believe This Amazing Music!

Elephants are very intelligent creatures. They can do things like paint, draw and even do some sports like shoot a basketball. The amount of things they can do with their trunk is astounding. They are very versatile. Music is also something they like to do. Witness this video of visiting piano player Pat Barton and his eventual accompaniment by a massive elephant who goes by the name of Peter.

Barton is playing and Peter comes up behind him and starts hitting the keys at certain intervals with his trunk. Barton is not surprised by this and the two of them form a unique duo at the piano. You can tell that Peter is having fun, he’s bobbing his head up and down to the music. Another elephant, one who is facing away from the piano, is shaking his rear in time to the music. It’s quite the sight.

It’s great to see an elephant enjoying himself and doing something like this piano-playing. It’s not like he’s being cruelly treated and trained for something like a circus in America. No, he’s treated very well here. The man that’s on his right side is actually his guide, one who makes sure that he’s treated very well and is never put in any danger. It’s a tough job but there are people in this country who are devoted to elephants.

Things like this video should remain a unique find. Here’s hoping that some American “talent” agent didn’t try to get Peter to come to America to perform on late-night shows like “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.” Peter deserves to stay in Thailand and just have fun with visitors. Apparently, Peter can play other instruments. We can just enjoy the videos like we see here.

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