Thankful Baby Elephant Follows Around Selfless Women Who Rescued Her Everywhere

Though wild animals are smart, creative, and are more than capable of surviving on their own, there are cases when they could use a bit of help from us humans. When a newborn baby elephant was in a life or death situation, one woman changed the animal’s whole life.

Moyo is an adorable elephant who just so happened to get lost from her herd. She was only a few days old when she was roaming around the wild by herself. Alone, starving, and terrified, a pack of hyenas approached the innocent animal.

She jumped into a river to get away, and right by the river, there was a group of rangers in the right place at the right time. Roxy Danckwert is the founder of the rescue, where Moyo was taken to recover.

Now, it’s been over two years, and the helpless little elephant is thriving. She follows Roxy everywhere she goes and can’t seem to thank her enough for saving her life. Roxy says, “She knows my voice, my smell, and somehow knows where I am at all times. How? I have no idea!”