Thanks To THIS Organization, 38 Beagle Puppies Got Saved From Being Abandoned! They’re ADORABLE!

Dogs are the greatest companions any person could ever have, and it has been so since as far back as we have been humanity. It’s not for no reason that they’re known as man’s best friend since ancient times. Their loving and cheerful character makes them irresistible, and it allows them to create very deep bonds with us. Knowing all of this, it’s very hard to understand just why someone would mistreat them or abandon them to their luck. But it happens every day, even in the States, and the amount of stray dogs continues to grow.

The following video is presented by the Beagle Freedom Project, a non-profit organization that saves this particular dog breed from the industries and laboratories who use them for trials and tests. With lots of effort, these pups are able to get another chance to be happy and safe.

If you’ve ever owned or met one of these dogs yourself, you must know they are some of the friendliest and most adorable dog friends you could ask for. So it’s amazing to see that this organization managed to rescue 38 of them this year alone!

Don’t miss this touching beagle video right below. Isn’t it great that there are institutions like this one?

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