That Moment When Gwen Stefani Mouthed “I Love You” To Blake Shelton Has ‘Voice’ Fans Gushing

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This is an act that starts off so strong that Gwen barely had to think before striking her buzzer. What few realized was that she at the same she had blocked Blake. Just a few seconds later, he also turned to declare, “I love you, too.”

Blake realized immediately, but Kelly Clarkson was absorbed until the very end. It was only long after striking her buzzer that Kelly realized that Blake had been blocked. Two out of three judges is a great start for this emerging Nashville talent.

Before the panel’s commentary could even begin, Gwen did a dance of celebration in lure of blocking Blake. “First of all, I thought you sounded incredible. I’m very happy for Gwen if she gets you – I don’t care about Kelly so much,” said Blake.

og2 That Moment When Gwen Mouthed “ I love you “ To Blake Has ‘Voice’ Fans Gushing

Gwen kicked off the praise saying “I think my favorite thing about your voice is just your vibrato and the style is very distinctive. That’s what’s gonna set you apart on the radio because you don’t sound like anybody. You just sound like you.”

“Your vibe is kind of like a little rock, a little soul, a little country.” added Kelly, later saying, “I think you stand out amongst all the females we’ve heard thus far.”

Appalled by the fact that she has to fight so hard for a team member, Gwen rose to her feet proclaiming “Like, I can’t believe I got him away, right? And now I have to deal with her.” she said, pointing to Kelly.

Pleading before Kyndal, Gwen later continued, “What I really relate to is the style in your voice. That is what God gave you as a gift., and I want to work with that so bad. Let’s just do it!”

Watch the sensational country performance that’s so good that it drove Gwen to block Blake and take out Kelly.

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