The Addams Family “welcomes” the new neighbors in this classic episode

The Addams Family

A classic episode of The Addams Family is seeing a resurgence in popularity thanks to the Halloween season. In it, they welcome their new neighbors to the area in classic Addams Family spirit.

Halloween is loved by millions of Americans. Getting scared and creeped out by decorations and costumes are all part of the tradition. But what if your neighbors seem to be celebrating Halloween every day of the year?

Moving next to neighbors that are inconsiderate, rude, or loud is one thing. But moving next to a house that seems to be haunted, filled with people that seem to be possessed, is even worse.

The Addams Family

The Addams family seems like those neighbors on the surface, but they are honest, friendly, and considerate once you get to know them. In this video, their new neighbors have not seen the beautiful side of them.

While looking through the window at the new neighbors, Maurticia says she wishes they would be happy in their new house. An optimistic Gomez replies: ‘I could they be anything else, with us next door?’

One viewer made a very valid comment online: ‘Addams couple: Supportive and passionate to an extreme. They are trying to be helpful to others, think only the best of others, polite and classy, and other than into morbid things, they’re healthy.’

The kind-hearted Addams family invites the neighbors to their house of horrors. It is immediately apparent that things will not go according to plan for everybody involved. What follows is some of the greatest comedy in television history.

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