The Adorable Story Of Raising And Releasing A Fluffy Sea Otter Pup

Cute Little Sea Otter Pup Gets Some Help At The Monterey Bay Aquarium

The rescue crew at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California finds and rescues a sea otter pup stranded on the beach. They fix her up, teach her the skills she needs to survive in the wild, then release her back into the sea.

A sea otter mom will spend 75% of the day grooming her pup, so this fluffy little gal gets the same treatment at the aquarium. The caretakers at the aquarium wear special masks and ponchos so that the otter doesn’t bond with them. This is a wild animal, and they don’t want it reliant on humans when they release it back into the wild.

When the pup is a few months older, they pair it with a surrogate mom otter who lives full time at the aquarium. She teaches the pup how to handle live prey, how to find food buried in the sand, and how to crack open shells.