The amazing Buddy Mercury sings and plays the piano (he’s a beagle)

A half century before the internet, the only way for people to hear singing dogs was to go to a record store and get a novelty recording of dogs “singing” well-known songs. Of course, the dogs weren’t really singing — these were just clever remixes of barks. But today there’s Buddy Mercury. He’s a beagle who sings and plays the piano.

Beagles are truly wonderful dogs and it’s no wonder they’re one of the most popular breeds. They were originally bred for hunting rabbits, a job that required a dog who was intelligent but single-minded. But it turned out that the gentle, friendly, merry beagle makes for a perfect family pet. They’re also excellent therapy dogs thanks to their small size, friendly personality, and non-threatening appearance. Depending on how you feel about noise, there is one possible downside to having a beagle in the house: their trademark howl.

Buddy Mercury is obviously smarter than the average dog. Not only has he turned his howl into a kind of music, but he’ll tickle the ivories while he’s at it. Before you get too excited, keep in mind that although talented, Buddy is no concert pianist. He plays with one paw and only a couple notes at a time. Still, it’s impossible not to be impressed. This amazing musical beagle has earned a lot of praise from the internet, both for his sense of rhythm and his “bluesy call-response feel.” This is high praise from an often tough audience!

It all started when this rescue beagle saw his new human mom Laurie playing the piano. As you’ll see in the video posted below, Buddy was a fast learner! This particular piece is called “Buddy Mercury Opus Number 27 in D Minor.”

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