The argument for putting ice cubes in the dryer

You like your wrinkle-free clothes, but you don’t like ironing. Oh, the irony. Here’s an iron-free hack for wrinkle-free clothes.

Yes, there are people that enjoy chores like ironing and doing the dishes. In our video, one person commented that those are their personal time to think about things.

But let’s face it. There are going to be times when ironing needs to be done but the issue is time, not preference. You have time to either shower or iron before a job interview… you can’t do both.

Okay, fine. Try the method recommended in this video to get wrinkles out of your clothes in just fifteen minutes. Set this up before you get in the shower and you’re gold.

The method is simple. Just add some ice cubes to your clothes in the dryer. Set the timer for fifteen minutes on the hottest setting.

A disclaimer: Your results may vary, depending on the make and model of your dryer. You might get results in less time. You might have to add a few minutes. Be sure to tweak this idea before deciding for or against it.

The argument for putting ice cubes in the dryer