The Beatles’ classic ‘Come Together’ reimagined in animated music video

Every now and again, art complements art, and that’s precisely what this video animation does for The Beatles’ hit song ‘Come Together.’ The 3D renderings and bright colors give the classic song new life.

It begins with a red screen with The Beatles’ name written in yellow. Then, we catch a glimpse of the 3D models of the band doing various activities. The technology used to create this animation is mesmerizing.

The colorful characters have facial hair to identify them and accessories like their instruments. John Lennon plays guitar, and all four members are playing in a circle wearing different suits.

John sings the crafty lyrics, “He roller-coaster. He got early warning. He got muddy water. He one mojo filter. He say, “one and one and one is three.” Got to be good-looking ’cause he’s so hard to see. Come together, right now, over me.”

The band drives go-karts and race each other around the red background of the video. Then, it shows them all on large swings going back and forth with each other.

Finally, the animated Beatles walk up piano-shaped steps in a spiral, and they all dance in a circle while waving their arms and twirling their bodies until the song ends.

‘Come Together’ was the opening track on the 1969 album’ Abbey Road,’ and it reached the top of the charts in the United States. It became one of their biggest hits, and this video animation revives the song and the spirit of ‘The Beatles.’

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The Beatles’ classic ‘Come Together’ reimagined in animated music video