The Best of Beyoncé from Got Talent, X-Factor & Idol

Beyoncé is undoubtedly the single greatest living female artist, an icon within society, and a beacon of light for countless artists. Both men and women have been inspired by the presence and power of Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. From her journey to pure vocal power, she has inspired many. Here is a look at ten of the best Beyoncé covers on the Got Talent series, X-Factor, and Idol.

One needs just look at artists like Asanda Jezile, the eleven-year-old superstar singing the big, big song ‘Halo’ with a voice that does the Beyoncé hit due justice. One can see Bee’s influence shining brightly through this bold personality and loud voice, just as is the case for each of the ten contestants featured here.

These ten acts cataloged from across the passage of time faithfully pay homage to the Queen B, each serving as a fantastic tribute and a grand showcase of talent & the fire of inspiration. From fellow childhood stars who are also rising to fame as Beyoncé once did in singing and dancing competitions to accomplished performers whose very motivation comes from her timeless tracks, we’ve found all the best moments.