‘The Christmas Can-Can’ novelty song is filled with holiday fun

With all the timeless Christmas songs on the radio, it is easy to get swept away in the holiday spirit. The classics are always a hit, but what about the novelty songs? They receive the same amount of love among Christmas fans.

‘The Christmas Can-Can’ by a capella sensation ‘Straight No Chaser’ is an epic novelty tune that details the fun of Christmas in a clever way. The song opens with a quiet final line from ‘Silent Night,’ then bursts into the ‘Can-Can.’

The group’s performance of the song features them dressed in black suits and red ties. They are standing in front of a large red and green background that looks like gates. The song even features an unconventional kickline with other funny choreography.

‘Straight No Chaser’ sings the comical lyrics, “It’s the most wonderful time of year. We’re running mad with Christmas cheer. Hey, what’s troubling you, my friend? It’s not fair if you’re Jewish, Jewish.”

The fantastic vocal group originated in 1996 at Indiana University with a parody version of ‘The 12 Days of Christmas.’ The founding members had all gone their separate ways after graduation, but after the song went viral in 2007, the original members reunited to sign a record deal.

The original music for the ‘Can-Can’ dance is titled ‘Galop Infernal,’ one of the world’s most famous pieces of music. It is featured in the final act of Offenbach’s ‘Orpheus in the Underworld.’

It is a great Christmas song with pure genius in the writing and execution. The silly dance moves, goofy lyrics, and electric performance make this ‘Christmas Can-Can’ a new classic among holiday tunes.

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‘The Christmas Can-Can’ novelty song is filled with holiday fun