The cutest cats interrupt their newscaster parents while they work

Reporters and journalists working from home learned quickly that their feline friends always find the best and worst times to ask for attention. There was no getting away from the cats.

Every newscaster does their best to be professional. Still, in the presence of an adorable cat, it is challenging to keep their composure. They could be discussing serious topics when suddenly a furball appears.

Most cats have no sense of personal space, and everyone loves them for that. Some were trying to report, but then their cats would be playfighting in the background.

Even when the cats couldn’t be seen, they could be heard. When a cat was meowing out of view, she sounded like a crying child. The reporter had to pick her up to comfort her.

These feline friends aren’t just companions. Some of them are their coworkers and supervisors. The cats will find their way into the frame as soon as the camera is on.

Cats love the spotlight and don’t care what their parents are doing. They constantly walk in front of the camera and all over their humans’ laps, especially when they are busy working.

In all the moments the cats appeared on camera, it brightened everyone’s day. They were a welcome distraction and surprise for all watching the news.

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The cutest cats interrupt their newscaster parents while they work