The cutest dog becomes an honorary friar at a monastery

Carmelo is a dog who has become an honorary friar in a monastery in Bolivia. He is one of their newest members they had rescued when he was in need.

The monastery is Franciscan, which means they follow the example of St. Francis of Assisi. He was also known as the patron saint of animals. Carmelo is lucky to have been found by them.

All of the brothers in the monastery love him, and they also have a nickname for him. Sometimes they call him friar Bigaton, which means mustache.

Carmelo has long fur, which makes it look like he has facial hair. He is a remarkably wise-looking dog who fits quite nicely into the robe the brothers made for him.

Apparently, Carmelo has absolutely loved his time in the monastery. He can usually be seen running around and preaching to the fishes in the fountain. There is a lot to learn from friar Bigaton.

Hearts are warmed, and days are brightened when anyone sees him. When Carmelo got accustomed to his robes, he fit right in and felt at home among his new family.

The brothers of the monastery hope to encourage other monasteries to adopt other animals. It is important to them that everyone open their doors to animals in need.

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The cutest dog becomes an honorary friar at a monastery