The Everly Brothers Sing “All I Have To Do Is Dream” In Epic Harmony

The Everly Brothers come together with heavenly harmony, singing one of their best-known songs, “All I Have To Do Is Dream.” Their brilliant song brings with it a new Nashville sound to the era, crossing over from country to pop appeal. Smooth, filled with emotion and legendary in its distinctive sound, this is a classic country ballad that is truly timeless.

The influential duo has harmony and vocals that are supremely smooth, ringing out melancholic lyrics that are imbued with a unique feel. Ethereal in its beauty, and one of the most powerful classic love songs ever heard. It’s a slow dance song that rewards with a tone that makes the duo sound strangely inseparable – a rare video treat from 1959.

The way that The Everly Brothers come together in unison unlike any other in this video performance of “All I Have To Do Is Dream” from 1959 is a true showcase of what makes their music so legendary. The group influenced the music of a generation, shifting their genre towards mainstream appeal with iconic hits like this.

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