The Everly Brothers Sing “All I Have To Do Is Dream” In Gorgeous Harmony

The Everly Brothers singing their hit single from 1958, “All I Want To Do Is Dream”, with the backing of Buddy Holly’s original band ‘The Crickets’ is the perfect showcase of their otherworldly harmony. There’ll never be another duo like this, with the two sounding ever rich with the flawless accompaniment of Jerry Allison on drums and bassist Joe B. Mauldin.

The incredibly talented duo sing out lyrics that are both deep and touching, while their melancholic tone suits the surreal tone of this timeless track to perfection. It’s inspiring music at its best by a collaboration between some of the greatest artists of an era. As with most of their songs, the two voices come together in inseparable harmony.

Witnessing the Everly Brothers sing with Buddy Holly’s original band, ‘The Crickets’ backing them is the performance of a lifetime. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve heard them sing together, this duo’s unison never ceases to amaze. You’ll fall in love with this version of “All I Want To Do Is Dream.”

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