The Flamingos Serenade Us with ‘I Only Have Eyes for You’ in 1959

On a warm, breezy evening on May 18, 1959, the spirit of change and anticipation filled the air. The golden age of television was in full swing, and rock ‘n’ roll fever was taking the nation by storm. As the sun set, casting a rich amber hue across the sky, people gathered around their television sets, eagerly awaiting the performance that would captivate their hearts and leave an indelible mark on their souls. Little did they know that the Flamingos were about to serenade them with a song that would stand the test of time, “I Only Have Eyes for You.”

As the video begins, the spotlight is on the Flamingos, and their smooth, coordinated moves immediately captivate the audience. The five members of the group – Nate Nelson, Jake Carey, Johnny Carter, Tommy Hunt, and Terry Johnson – create an enchanting harmony, blending their voices seamlessly to deliver a performance that exudes grace and elegance. The stage’s backdrop is adorned with glittering stars, accentuating the romantic and dreamy atmosphere that the song conveys.

The performance is a testament to the group’s undeniable talent and passion. Each member of the Flamingos expertly displays their vocal prowess, creating a rich tapestry of sound that captivates the listener. The lead singer, Nate Nelson, delivers the iconic line, “I only have eyes for you,” with tenderness and sincerity that effortlessly transports the listener to a world of love and devotion.

The song “I Only Have Eyes for You” is a masterpiece of its era. Initially composed by Harry Warren and Al Dubin in 1934, the Flamingos’ rendition of the song brought it to new heights, transforming it into a timeless classic. The group’s unique arrangement, characterized by their signature doo-wop harmonies and Johnson’s innovative guitar playing, adds an ethereal quality that makes the song stand out among its contemporaries.

Even the most loyal fans may be surprised to learn some fascinating facts about this iconic song. The Flamingos’ rendition was the third iteration of the song. The first version, recorded by Ben Selvin in 1934, and the second by Dick Powell in 1934 for the film “Dames,” predate the Flamingos’ performance. However, the Flamingos truly made the song their own, and their interpretation would go on to influence numerous artists, including Art Garfunkel, who released his own cover of the song in 1975.

Another interesting tidbit is that the Flamingos’ arrangement of “I Only Have Eyes for You” was initially met with some resistance by their record label. However, their perseverance paid off, and the song became a resounding success, peaking at No. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and earning a place in the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2003.

Moreover, the Flamingos’ version of the song has been featured in various films and television shows, solidifying its status as a cultural touchstone. From the 1978 film “American Hot Wax” to the popular TV series “The Crown,” “I Only Have Eyes for You” has continued to enchant and captivate audiences across generations.

As you watch the video, let yourself be transported back to that magical evening in 1959. Feel the energy and anticipation in the air, and immerse yourself in the Flamingos’ soulful performance. Listen to the intricate harmonies, the tender lead vocals, and the innovative guitar playing that makes “I Only Have Eyes for You” a true classic.

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The Flamingos Serenade Us with \'I Only Have Eyes for You\' in 1959