“The Fonz” Will Make You Laugh SO Hard It Will Wake Up Your Neighbor

Out of the whole of history, The Fonz has to be one of TV’s most likable personalities. Along with his charm and wit, came Arthur Fonzarelli’s unmistakable ability to make a scene-stealing entrance. Here’s a look at Fonzie’s top ten entrances. Take a few deep breaths and get ready because you’re about to laugh until you can’t breathe.

It’s impossible to pick a favorite between these ten entrances. In each, The Fonz shows us why he captured the heart of a nation, turning countless people into die-hard Happy Day’s fans. Together with the show, Henry Winkley became a lasting, beloved part of American history.

From Fonzie in his boxers to the Italian-American TV icon crashing a senior dance as Elvis, this is a collection of Happy Days clips that’ll have you swept away by nostalgia. In each of these unforgettable entrances, we’re reminded of just how funny The Fonz was. With his signature jacket and jeans, Arthur Fonzarelli always entertains.