“The Golden Girls” are sassy as ever with these epic comebacks

The Golden Girls

A hilarious video is teaching audiences around the world how to sharpen their wits. The Golden Girls feature in a video where one-liners sometimes stun and other times drive viewers close to tears.

The Golden Girls

The Golden Girls aired in 1985 for the first time and had a successful run through 180 episodes. Over these years, The Golden Girls generated millions of fans all over the world.

The hysterical show featured four ladies from different backgrounds, living in the same house. Nobody ever thought that these silver foxes could become so popular and become an international phenomenon.

The Golden Girls

Fans of the show would remember their favorite scenes. But over the years, so many of these scenes disappeared into the ether. Every once in a while, a video such as this one surfaces and refreshes our memories.

Whenever such a video appears, a new crowd of followers grows from it. Many viewers from younger generations become fans instantly, and they can’t get enough of similar videos that showcase the comedic brilliance of the show.

Sophia - The Golden Girls

In this video, the very first scene is enough to break the giggle-bones. It is a very raunchy scene where Blanche explains how she is going to take a bath in order to flirt with a gentleman that is present in the room.

Sophia, the oldest one of the lot, snaps back at her with a one-liner that is beyond belief. She immediately takes the opportunity and launches an insult without twitching a muscle in her face.

One viewer commented: ‘Sophia is my favorite. She is as sharp as a whip, and her lines are so honest and unforgiving.’ In this video, it is difficult to decide who is the funniest one, as all of the lines are just brilliant.

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