The Harpy Eagle – a bird so big, some people think it’s a person in a costume

The Harpy Eagle

What do you know about giant eagles? Have you seen an Eagle so large, its talon is more prominent than its claws? You may want to know about Harpy Eagle, one of the most potent eagle species.

They have a rather imposing and striking figure with their unique faces and color tones. Harpy Eagles have about 7 to 4 inches of wingspan and 3 to 5 feet in height, making them look like another mighty eagle.

The Harpy Eagle

As a popular figure that commands wonder on Reddit and other social media platforms, they are rare birds found in Mexico, Brazil, and even North Argentina’s tropical lowland forests.

An average female bald harpy eagle weighs 12 pounds, while the normal female one could fall between 13 to 20 pounds. However, the male harpy eagles weigh around 9 to 13 pounds. These birds have short wingspans, which allow them to navigate the forest quickly.

They have identical feathers, and they could appear in grey, white, or black colors. They all seem fearsome, and they don’t soar as high as other birds. They preserve their speed and can fly 50 miles per hour with the right speed to grip their prey at an incredible pace.

The Harpy Eagle

Although deforestation is diminishing their habitats, they could be kept from extinction if their nests are distant from the ruinous capacities of animals like capuchin monkeys which eat eggs from these nests.

As the most potent birds inhabiting the rainforest, they, alongside the African eagles, are known as the world’s strongest eagles, and their nest sparingly spreads across rain forests with 1.2 meters depth and 1.5 meters width. Already, Panama officially declared them a national bird.

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