The hilarious ‘Bewitched’ episode that aired on Thanksgiving Day 1967

Thanksgiving 1967 gifted “Bewitched” fans a special treat—a magical journey to the first Thanksgiving. This episode, now rekindled through a nostalgic video clip on social media, remains an endearing part of television history.

It starts in the Stephens’ household, with the family preparing for a quiet Thanksgiving dinner. The scene is quintessentially suburban until Aunt Clara, portrayed by Marion Lorne, adds a twist to the narrative.

Longing to relive the old days, she unintentionally transports herself and everyone in the house—Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery), Darrin (Dick York), Tabitha (Erin Murphy), and the unsuspecting neighbor, Gladys Kravitz (Sandra Gould) —back to the first Thanksgiving in 1620.

Amidst Plymouth Colony, the characters find themselves in the thick of history. The episode masterfully blends humor with historical elements, showcasing the series’ unique charm. As they interact with the Pilgrims and Native Americans, the viewers get a humorous, albeit fictional, glimpse into the past.

This episode is more than a mere comedic venture; it’s a time capsule that captures the essence of “Bewitched.” It skillfully intertwines the show’s magic with a significant moment in history. The charm lies in how it makes history relatable and fun, all while maintaining the familial warmth we’ve come to love in the series.

“Bewitched” has always had a way of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. This Thanksgiving episode is a perfect example, blending the everyday life of the Stephens family with the extraordinary circumstance of time travel.

Now, decades later, this iconic video clip brings these memories back to life. It’s not just a chance to revisit a beloved show; it’s an opportunity to rekindle the warmth and humor that “Bewitched” brought into our homes. Watching this episode again allows us to relive those moments of laughter and family.

So why share this clip? Because it’s a delightful reminder of how a video clip can unite us, transcending time and space. It’s not merely a rerun; it’s a portal to a simpler time, a chance to laugh and feel connected through a shared love of a timeless show. So go ahead and spread the magic and warmth this Thanksgiving with a piece of television history, reminding us of the value of family, humor, and a little enchantment.

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The hilarious \'Bewitched\' episode that aired on Thanksgiving Day 1967