The Hilarious Chronicles Of Life With A 200-Pound Dog

You will love this video if you have a soft spot in your heart for a big dog. A two-year-old English Mastiff named Winston goes to get professional grooming. Winston is a big boy, as he weighs 200 pounds, and he sure is handsome. The groomer sees that he is shedding and bathes him. The dog is a gentle giant, calmly allowing the groomer to do her job. As you can imagine, it takes a lot of shampoos to bathe this dog.

The groomer is a genuine professional, as the animal’s comfort comes first and foremost above anything else. Even though it made her job more challenging, she had to contort herself into uncomfortable positions, as this is one large chap, and she did everything she could to accommodate him. The way she gently dries him off is done with thought and care.

Winston is a gentleman, allowing the groomer to do her job without making a fuss. She grooms him from top to bottom, not missing one hair on his head. She does such a good job bathing him. Winston has an amusing look the whole time as if he could not care less about what was happening.

She uses a special canine dryer to dry fully dry him. He is cooperative and a good boy throughout the process. She uses a brush to de-shed him, and she does his back end first, and then he lays down on the ground for her to de-shed the rest of him. She instructs him to move to help her groom him, and he listens. She also clips his nails and gives him complete treatment. He even gets treats and blueberry cologne at the end! Watch this video to see an adorable English Mastiff get groomed!

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The Hilarious Chronicles Of Life With A 200-Pound Dog