‘The Love’ by Maroon 5 Gets a Vintage 1940s Jazzy Vibe

Take a trip through the essence of vintage 1940s jazz as Devi-Ananda & postmodern Jukebox cover Maroon 5’s hit song ‘This Love.’ Keeping the pace and structure but completely owning the arrangement, the collaboration between these artists rewards with originality that’s a perfect tribute to the original.

Postmodern Jukebox features the sounds of a saxophone, trombone, bass, drum, and piano, coming together in a heavenly harmony in this collaboration. Hailing from Berlin, Devi-Ananda’s beautiful voice matches the winning arrangement by Scott Bradlee perfectly. As if teleported straight from a time lost, their showing is one of the best covers in this style ever.

Dressed for the part, and each playing their role perfectly, Devi-Ananda and Postmodern Jukebox have outdone themselves with this cover. Listen to the way that Maroon 5’s pop-rock ballad ‘This Love’ is recreated, reinvented, and sung with flawless rhythm, harmony, percussion, & flow.

\'The Love\' by Maroon 5 Gets a Vintage 1940s Jazzy Vibe