The ‘Machine Gun Woodpecker’ lives up to his name

The Northern Flickers literally move their head at least 25 times in a few seconds to create this machine gun noise.

It’s not surprising that animals have different kinds of behavior that we humans can never understand. We might find it strange, but for them, it’s just part of their lifestyle.

One kind of animal that shows weird behavior is the woodpecker. Just observing how they hammer their head into trees will make you question their sanity.

However, that’s not the real deal. In North America, there’s another kind of woodpecker known as the Norther Flickers or Machine Gun Woodpecker.

Strangely, they would bang their head in metal frameworks to create a machine gun noise. That’s their way of making themselves attractive to female woodpeckers.

The Northern Flicker teaches us that there’s so much more to learn from our environment—things we can’t usually see in our everyday lives. Hence, taking care of our environment is the most essential key to value to them.

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The ‘Machine Gun Woodpecker’ lives up to his name