The Mother of Exiles Celebrated in Patriotic Song

You may know the song “Mother” from Jennifer Nettles and Sugarland, but did you know that it’s actually a tribute to the Statue of Liberty. Released just before Mother’s Day, the track is an open declaration of the love between mothers and their kids, but the meaning holds something far greater in its scope as well.

The Statue of Liberty was affectionately called the “Mother of Exiles” in 1883, standing as an icon to remind all that New York once welcomed everyone who wanted freedom. The “other mother,” referred to in the chorus, is a subtle reference to our lady of liberty. “She’s a beacon, a harbor / A lighthouse, her armor / A promise and a blanket when it’s colder /You’ll understand it more when you get older /You’ve got each other /That’s your mother.” should be much clearer now.

Jennifer Nettles is a country artist and patriot if ever one has been seen. The tribute “Mother” to America by Sugarland’s lead vocalist is a grand celebration of one of the country’s longest-standing female icons. In the words of Jennifer Nettles, a “goddess figure that represents our country.”