The Oak Ridge Boys Perform Lovely Song “Nothing Between Us (But Love Anymore)”

The Oak Ridge Boys have been performing for live audiences for decades. This country gospel band loves to sing songs about their faith, personal relationships, and more. Now, they’ve released a music video for their song “Nothing Between Us (But Love Anymore).”

Some of the notable lyrics from this hit song are, “And there’s nothing between us but love anymore – nothing to be sorry for, no excuses, no regrets. What you give is what you’ll get. So, let’s tear down the walls and open all the doors. There’s nothing between us but love anymore.”

The talented band performed this beautiful song at the Gaither Studios in Indiana. While the music video is from 2016, it still sounds fantastic today. You can hear how well each other their voices blend with the others.

Out of all of the songs they’ve released in their long career, The Oak Ridge Boys sure to love to play “Nothing Between Us (But Love Anymore).” As they continue to make music and tour, we can’t wait to see what they sing next.

The Oak Ridge Boys Perform Lovely Song \