The perfect tiny home for a family with kids includes a sunroom deck

The way these two tiny houses are connected is inspiring, and the use of space makes us want to move in immediately.

Tiny homes are a new eco-friendly trend that has been steadily gaining popularity for a few years. These minimalist palaces make great use of space, helping to create a happy home with the smallest possible footprint.

Usually, tiny homes aren’t great for the average-sized family. Families with kids or extended family that live together often find that tiny houses don’t have enough space for everyone. Plus, they lack privacy.

For these reasons, tiny homes are usually only ideal for single people or couples without kids. Kids need space to grow, and a tiny home just doesn’t allow for that. That is, the standard design doesn’t. This family got creative.

This tiny home is really two put together. That doesn’t mean that they’re stuck together in the traditional way. Instead, the two tiny homes are connected in the middle by a sunroom and a deck.

The outdoor space between these tiny homes is a clever idea. Both parents and kids have their own space, and everyone has a place to be themselves. It’s a wonderful way to use all of the available space and make tiny houses work!

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The perfect tiny home for a family with kids includes a sunroom deck