The Real Meaning of Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” Has Been Revealed. Honestly, We’re a Bit Shooketh

Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” is Upbeat, Obscure and Jarringly Addictive to Watch, Don’t Miss It

The Billboard topping hit “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish has been described as many things. Falling somewhere between pop-trap and nu-goth pop, this track features a minimalist array of instrumentation and lyrics that Billie thought everyone would hate. She couldn’t have been more wrong.

As a sarcastic taunt toward her lover for being the A-typical “bad guy” in every sense of the word – Billy delivers a song that goes out to show just how much more resilient & independent she is than her ill-willed boyfriend once-thought.

With a music video that starts off with Billy breaking through a wall of yellow, the contrast of being “blue” begins. But this is a song of strength, and nonchalant gloating, not subservience and depression. Billie has been praised for powerful, assertive lyrics that set forth a strong message of female power.

og2 The Real Meaning of Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” Has Been Revealed. Honestly, We’re a Bit Shooketh

As a key exhibit of this, Caitlin White of the entertain and pop culture giant ‘Uproxx’ said, “a woman’s teenage voice boast of its power, assert her sexual dominance, and use men as playthings instead of sing about being used as one by them. ‘Bad Guy’ positions a young female pop star in a role that’s usually reserved for men working in rock or hip hop.”

One of the most controversial points of this video is its interpretation. Sean Evans, from the sensation YouTube show ‘Hot Ones,’ discovered some insight during an interview with Billie. When asked about being misunderstood, she shared, “So many artists obsess about the idea of being misunderstood or having words mangled, but you seem almost to invite it.”

“It’s basically making fun of everyone and their personas of themselves. Even mine,” Billie explained to Billboard. “The initial idea for the song is like people that have to tell everybody that they are a certain way all the time? They’re not that certain way. […] In general, I feel like you will never catch a bad bitch telling everyone she’s a bad b**h. It’s on—it’s you. If you’re going around all the time saying like, ‘Yeah, I’m bad, I’m always breaking rules, and doing this and doing that.’ You’re not. I know that because I used to say that and I wasn’t. Bad kids, bad boys, bad bitches, whatever, they do that sh*t and they don’t even know.”

Watch Billie Eilish, the groundbreaking artist who feels that all music is up for interpretation in her surreal video, “Bad Guy.”

Everyone knew that her hit was going to draw multiple nominations, but no one expected a grand total of six. This shows you just how innovative and artistic Billie Eilish actually is.

If you’re a fan, then you can’t miss the behind the scenes vertical video divulging the making of “Bad Guy.” It’ll help you get to know Billie a bit better.

The Real Meaning of Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” Has Been Revealed. Honestly, We’re a Bit Shooketh