The Rocky Mountain Glass Train Perfect For Canadian Sightseeing

If you are fond of traveling and seeing spectacular landscapes, then you need to get about the Rocky Mountaineer. It is a train that has glass windows and glass roofs. The routes which you can take are Vancouver to Banff or Vancouver to Jasper. Both courses have amazing views. The train incorporates comfort with travel.

The longest route that you can take goes through a vast range of rainforests, canyons, and coasts. It has two stops, one in Whistler, and the other in Quesnel, with the option to stopover in a hotel for the night. The journey’s length varies from two days to five days. You can also get off your train and take an excursion.

The train winds its way through the scenic Canadian countryside, slowing at the fantastic views so that you can take loads of photos and enjoy your ride. The train follows the Fraser River heading towards the Canadian Rockies. This train guarantees that you enjoy breathtaking views, all while having comfortable chairs, and mouth-watering meals.