The simple way of making wildflower seed bombs

Using wildflower seed bombs making neglected landscapes beautiful

With the increase and growth of urban areas, there is less and less space being devoted to plant life. This has led to the air in and around these areas being more toxic than ever.

Walking in most cities, it is quite rare for you to come across any green plants whatsoever. Seeing this complete disconnection from nature, some people have come up with practices that aim to change this.

One of these measures is the practice of guerilla gardening. This is whereby people take up the collective duty to sow seeds in the small available patches of soil in urban areas.

This can be in sidewalks, public parks, and any other spots as long as they are located in a public area. This initiative has really helped change the general appearance of so many cities.

Using wildflower seed bombs making neglected landscapes beautiful

The use of seed bombs is the most popular method used for this kind of work. Seed bombs generally involve the placing of seeds into small balls of clay and compost.

These seed bombs are usually ready to plant and all that has to be done is put them in the neglected landscapes and wait for the rains to come around.

With the practice of such innovative steps, the landscapes are sure to change in no time. If more people were to take on such wonderful initiatives then positive changes to the environment are inevitable.

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