The ‘SPARK Singers Stars’ Come Together For A Magical Rendition of ‘When Hope Came Down’

A Cover Of Kari Jobe's 'When Hope Came Down' By 'SPARK Singers'The talented voice artists of SPARK Singers put forth one of the most beautiful performances of Kari Jobe’s ‘When Hope Came Down’ ever heard. Their voices ring true, inspiring all to rise up and be a light to the world. Listen carefully to learn how redemption comes to all when we worship, bringing hope down during this blessed time.

There’s few other songs that can inspire change like the melodies of these contemporary Christian vocal artists from Utah. All six singers deliver their all through songs that reflect their commitment and devotion to Christ. Their inspirational messages transcend boundaries, applying to people of all faiths, sharing a token of salvation, and the love bestowed on each of us.

Watch these six talented souls of SPARK Singers step forward with a video that’s a striking example of their talent as a group, and a song that carries a powerful message that’s a part of their #LIGHTtheWORLD campaign if you want to join their cause, raising faith in those who are like-minded – head to social media.

The \'SPARK Singers Stars\' Come Together For A Magical Rendition of \'When Hope Came Down\'