The Story of Christmas Gets Adorable Remake From These Creative Children

The majority of people know the Christian tale of the history behind Christmas. It’s usually a heartwarming encounter that brings people joy and hope. A group of children puts a comical twist on this classic story during a play-like video.

As the story begins, we see two adorable girls dressed up like angels wearing gold and white. One of the girls provides a voice-over tell the story as a black curtain opens up. Once the curtain is open, we see a scene that’s set in heaven.

A kid plays God, and he is looking down on earth through a telescope. He tells one angel about all of the destruction human beings have caused. The angels gather together with the Lord as they discuss back and forth about what they should do.

The story continues after the come up with the idea to send Jesus to earth. We see an angel visit Mary telling her what’s about to happen. The children sing along and even put a funny line here and there. This is such a creative version of the classic Christmas tale.