The Subtitles On This Husky Video Had Me In Stitches. This Pair Of Huskies Gets Quite Animated.

Huskies can be a very talkative breed. They can just chat on all day and all night. If you have one then you know what I’m talking about. These dogs very rarely stay quiet. As bad as one Husky can be, it’s even worse when two of them get together and gossip.

The dogs in this video have gained a lot of notoriety on the Internet. Mishka and Laika are well-known for videos where they talk. This pair could gossip on all day. They barely even need a breath.

This cute video shows a conversation between the two sisters that turns into a bit of an argument. The subtitles that tell you what they’re talking about are very cute. This video was so funny that I had to watch twice.

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