If You Are Missing Someone This Christmas, This Song Is Dedicated To You

Piano Guys SongThe Piano Guys are an amazing American group on a mission to inspire everyone in the world with their uplifting music. They draw on a medley of classical, contemporary and rock in their unique compositions for the piano and cello.

Starting out by posting their work on YouTube, they soon gained huge recognition. Their simple but artfully crafted music videos have the group performing in various open-air and natural settings in exotic locations.

A member of the group has suffered the loss of a child and the depth of their despair was hardest felt at Christmas.

When families should be rejoicing, his family was going through a dark and difficult time. Until he came across a song of hope and celebration called, “The Sweetest Gift”.

It was written by Craig Aven, a talented musician who was singing about his own struggle with the aching emptiness he felt at Christmastime — without the loved one he had lost.

While this touching melody expresses the feelings of grief and sorrow that we all suffer at times like this, it helps us relive the happy memories and good times we enjoyed when we were all together. Its warmth and inspiration brings hope and comfort when you need it most.

If you are missing someone dear to you this Christmas, “The Sweetest Gift” is dedicated to you, from The Piano Guys, featuring Craig Aven.

If this video meant something to you, pass it on by serving someone in need.

If You Are Missing Someone This Christmas, This Song Is Dedicated To You