The Temptations are right-on: “The Best Things In Life Are Free”

The Temptations

People that have found true happiness in life know that there are things that need to be worried about, and then there are other things that should be pushed aside and moved on from. The Temptations hit the nail right on the head with their hit song “The Best Things In Life Are Free.” Their stellar performance on The Ed Sullivan Show back on February 2, 1969, reiterates the point during their live performance.

The Temptations

If you are familiar with the song, you will understand the connection. If not, go listen to it before reading any further. The vocals that come out of the group’s mouths show that numerous things in life are free and some of the best things in life. And those things are all free for all of us to have, and they are not things that can be taken from others because we all can accept them into our lives.

Love is the number one thing on their list. It is an emotion that we can all have. Sometimes it can put us under a spell, making it the most beautiful feeling in the world. True love will make you feel like you are on top of the world, and in a way, you are. Nothing can ever compare to pure love.

The Temptations also claim that the moon and stars are free. Not free for the taking, but free for all of us to enjoy. You can be anywhere in the world, look up to see the beauty, and enjoy the wonder of the night sky. The achieved inner calm comes to you at no cost, except for a bit of time that could not be spent in any better place.

Nature itself is another subject that the group covers during their visit with Ed Sullivan and his audience. The flowers that bloom and the Robins that sing are all out there to enjoy. The sun shining down, the rain that falls, and the wind that blows are aspects of Mother Nature that can be found every day. The best part is that they are free.

The Temptations

You can see that “The Best Things In Life Are Free” is a song that was not only created to entertain us, but it was grabbed from the reality of life around us. The Temptations simply pointed out that many things around us make up our lives, and the best of them all is always free for all to enjoy.

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