The Temptations Sing “My Girl” In Flawless Harmony

With exceptional rhythm, lyrics, and vocals, The Temptations were truly one-of-a-kind. Here they deliver a brilliant performance in an original video that lets you relive the magic as if you were there. The Temptations singing their hit “My Girl” is a performance that people of all ages will enjoy.

There was something extraordinary about these exceptional vocalists, leading to pioneering releases in the early music industry of the 60s. Their timeless tracks rang on will into the 70s, with songs like this showcasing just how well they came together on stage. With an arrangement that accentuates the vocals, the words of this song were very easy to understand, which led to it becoming somewhat of a template of future hits from The Temptations.

One you see and hear The Temptations singing “My Girl” in this video, you’ll soon understand why they are such legendary performers. Since its release, their hit song has been covered by countless artists, but not can compare to the classic charm of the original.

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