The Tenors share Mother’s Day love with new song

Popular music group The Tenors released a touching tribute song to mothers across the country with their lovely single ‘Mother.’

The Tenors have long delighted their fans with their incredible lyrics and beautiful vocal stylings, but their new song in tribute to mothers will be sure to become a classic.

Simply titled ‘Mother,’ their song features touching words of praise for the mothers in their lives – and the ways that they have left a positive impact on their children.

It was a gorgeous song of praise for not only their mothers but moms across the country – the universal appeal of their music will make ‘Mother’ a celebration song for years to come.

Released in time for Mother’s Day, this is the perfect rendition for children who are able to see their mothers or those who are separated by distance.

Whatever the situation, listeners will find a tender and uplifting homage to moms that says all the things children wish to say, but most importantly, to say thank you.

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