The U.S. Navy Band knocks it out of the park with ‘The National Game’

The U.S. Navy Band

The United States Navy Band plays ‘The National Game’ by John Philip Sousa. The phenomenal artist, John Philip Sousa, has been a dear name in the U.S., especially in the United States Navy Band.

They performed the timeless piece on the night of the starting game of the MLB World Series. They played with high energy and impeccable coordination.

Filmed at the Washington National Park, the United States Navy Band had evolved from the late 19th century. The music they produce today is built on proudly established legacies.

The U.S. Navy Band

Their music had been built on elements that praised the growth of the United States and the Navy. With significant influence from Philip Sousa, an American composer of the late Romantic era, the band remains substantial.

Many countries like the U.K., Australia, and many others have a navy band. These bands perform at national events to immortalize and exalt such events in the country’s history.

This is precisely what happened on October 26’s night. The artists of the Navy Band marched and played with instruments like trombone, the saxophone, the clarinet, the trumpets, and drums.

All these are to create great music which had been composed during the romantic era. ‘The National Game’ expresses pride in American music and the culture of American growth, unity, and prosperity through sports.

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The U.S. Navy Band knocks it out of the park with \'The National Game\'