The Unconventional Secret to Clean Shower Doors

Do you want to know the best tricks and tips to clean glass shower doors? Andrea is here to help. The bathroom is undoubtedly one area in the house that consistently gets dirty, and we could all use tips for better cleaning. You would like your glass shower doors to sparkle like brand new, impress your guests, and, more importantly, create a spotless, more comfortable bathroom.

Have you ever considered cleaning your glass shower doors with a dryer sheet? Well, they are highly effective and relatively cheap. They help remove dirt, water, grime, and hard water stains. They remove the gunk by gently lifting the slime stuck to the door. Rub in a circular motion for the best results. Spray it with some water and wipe it down.

Scrub Daddy power waste can also be a powerful ally in the wonderful world of bathroom cleaning! IT even comes with an incredible scrub. You can also use some hydrogen peroxide and vinegar. A ratio of half and half is sufficient. In the video, Andrea uses half vinegar, half water, and a hint of Dawn dish soap, which is an excellent degreaser. Put a little squirt in your water bottle and shake it well.

The dish soap will help eliminate that nasty pink scum you often see around the tub’s edge. Get some plastic wrap and lay it across the shower door, which will help keep it moist. Let it sit for thirty minutes, remove the plastic wrap and wipe the door clean. Scotch Brite sponges are ideal for cleaning.

There are so many great products you can use to clean your bathroom! Even a toothbrush can work! Andrea is here to come to your rescue if your bathroom needs a lot of cleaning and you need help knowing where to start! Watch this video for more great cleaning tricks and tips!

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The Unconventional Secret to Clean Shower Doors