The Unstoppable Bald Eagle That Refused to Give Up in the Face of Adversity

If you like stories that give you hope and inspiration, look no further than this video. A sick eagle is sitting stagnant and found by a group of trees and rescued by a wildlife rescuer named Martin. Martin did not know why the eagle would just be sitting there, unmoving. There was no apparent injury, and Martin got to work quickly.

He picked the eagle up and realized how skinny he was. The eagle most likely lost half of his body weight. Martin believed the eagle had lead poisoning, and his condition appeared dire, but Martin was committed to saving him. He promptly treated the eagle and worked his magic to nurse him back to health, giving him lots of fluids and food. Martin explains that anytime you see a wild animal that is exceptionally tame, it means that the animal is very sick. As hopeful as he was, Martin did not believe this eagle would survive.

By day 11, this beautiful eagle was finally standing and becoming stronger. When the eagle turned around on his perch one morning, it changed everything in the best way possible. Martin became cautiously optimistic as he saw that the eagle might survive.

The ultimate goal is to integrate these eagles back into the wild. Martin has so much empathy for all the animals he helps, and his dedication to these animals is admirable. Martin does his job well as he successfully releases the eagle back into the wild.

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The Unstoppable Bald Eagle That Refused to Give Up in the Face of Adversity