‘The Voice’ 2023 Power Ballads That Will Give You Chills

‘The Voice’ cranks up the emotion with this compilation of fantastic power ballads. Each singer pours their heart and soul into these songs of love and devotion, and the audience and judges can’t get enough.

Powerful singer David Vogel has the perfect power ballad look with long hair and a leather jacket. He sings the Selena Gomez hit ‘Lose You to Love Me.’ After singing the first few lines, David flips his hair while strumming a chord on his guitar, and the judges love it.

In another clip, Holly Forbes delivers an incredible performance of Heart’s hit ‘Alone.’ She adds flair with plenty of vocal riffs that add intensity to the power ballad. The audience freaks out every time she hits a high note.

The next performance features a harp played by a woman in white on a stage that is candle lit. Joshua Vacanti delivers his best Josh Groban impersonation as he powers through ‘Ashes’ made famous by Celine Dion. The tune leaves the judges in tears.

Jeremy Rosado wears a black blazer with gold lapels as he brings swagger to Celine Dion’s ‘Because You Loved Me.’ Jeremy delivers the essential power ballad with emotion and style, and the crowd goes wild.

Paris Winningham starts his song on a guitar alone. His voice is powerful and clean, making you feel the emotion. He hits the notes of the melody and vocal runs perfectly with a raspy, high-pitched voice on the country hit ‘Tennessee Whiskey.’

Morgan Myles takes on one of the most challenging tunes in the compilation when she sings Beyonce’s ‘If I was a Boy.’ The power ballad brings the house down as Morgan sings with all the energy of the original as the audience responds to her pure emotion. These power ballads were some of the best performances on ‘The Voice.’

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\'The Voice\' 2023 Power Ballads That Will Give You Chills