The Voice Coaches Team Up Together for an Intimate Performance of “More Than Words”

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The Voice Coaches Setting the Bar Impossibly High With Their Private Performance of “More Than Words”

It is sometimes so easy to forget why the judges/coaches of talent series, like The Voice America and America got talent, are not selected on a popularity contest or based on their looks. Although many of them might have been selected on these criteria as well. First and foremost, they are either world-renowned singers or music producers/talent scouts, who have made their mark in the industry. Only when you have 4 similarly talented coaches; all singers of note, can you produce something like this!

Although they often have their quirky rivalry on screen, John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, and Gwen Stefani are all mutually respecting artists. When NBC decided to get these four of the red chairs and onto the stage for a very special recording, they could only have wished it would sound as great as this. Selected as coaches and not a quartet, it was not obvious that their voices with be complimentary. But with such talent, between the four of them, they can create any kind of vocal magic.

og2 Voice Coaches Team Up for an Intimate Performance of More Than Words

Possibly to prevent setting the bar impossibly high for any contenders on the show or standing the risk of discouraging any of them, they held their little performance a private affair, with only them, host Carson Daly on the acoustic guitar and the sound and camera crew. They joked around about not having a campfire on the stage for effect. Then Blake went “here we go” and did there they go!

Without doubt, one of the best covers ever of the Extreme’s ballad “More Than Words” (1990) was recorded by The Voice vocal coaches. In perfect harmony, voices melting words like butter and smoothing in from one to the other, the performance was like that of a quartet who has been doing this together forever. The Voice coaches just proving once again, that America got talent!

The Voice Coaches Team Up Together for an Intimate Performance of \