Odd Duet Baffles ‘Voice’ Judges — Then They Erupt In Laughter When They See What’s REALLY Going On

BLake Shelton and Kelly ClarksonLots of strange or unique talent has come across The Voice stage, so the coaches can honestly say they’ve seen or heard it all.  Yet, this one they weren’t expecting.  

The whole premise of the “blind auditions” is for the coaches to listen to the voice of the person singing without appearances getting in the way. So, all the coaches have their backs turned to the stage and singer auditioning.

Two women dressed in matching clothes started walking onto the stage together.  They are visibly nervous but very excited as well. When the song started, all the coaches could tell was that an older woman was singing “You’ve Got a Friend,” a well-known James Taylor and Carole King song.  The voice seemed vaguely familiar from somewhere.

Coach Adam Levine almost immediately commented that he loved the song selection and started singing along, but tough coach Kelly Clarkson seemed a bit confused.

When the second woman started enthusiastically singing, Blake Shelton got really confused as well.  She obviously was singing her heart out, but her vocals left a lot to be desired.

When the women started singing in harmony, Kelly seemed to be considering giving them a chance.  The women even get the crowd involved, swaying back and forth.  Their friends backstage beg for one of the judges to hit their button and turn their chair.

Finally, curiosity got the best of coaches Kelly Clarkson and Alicia Keys, and they decide to give the duo a chance. They hit their buttons almost simultaneously. As their chairs turned to reveal who the singers were, Kelly’s jaw dropped in complete shock.  Seeing Kelly’s response, Adam and Blake turn their chairs as well.

They all erupted in laughter as they duet finished their audition song; they definitely recognized the singers.  Friends backstage all cheered along with the crowd.  The duet was none other than the Today Show’s long-time hosts Hoda Kotb and Kathy Lee Gifford! They had decided to have a bit of fun and audition as their group name “The Wine-os.”

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