Tom Jones Stuns The Crowd Belting Out ‘Great Balls Of Fire’ and Suddenly The Whole Room’s Rockin’

Sometimes it takes just one phrase to get a song started. And that is exactly what happened on ‘The Voice UK’.

Bored while waiting for the next contestant, one of the judges  shouts out encouragement to the performers backstage. “Don’t be nervous. Just bring that fire.” But that comment sparks an idea.

Tom Jones picks up on the idea and suggests’ “Well we can do “Great Balls of Fire.” He starts “You shake my nerves, and you rattle my brain.”

And so, the judges begin the song impromptu, sometimes singing, other times dancing to the well-known tune. They start out without back up music, but soon the band gets into the act as well.

The audience joins in by clapping along, standing up dancing and the auditorium is alive with music while filling in the time, waiting for the next contestant.

But it is Tom Jones who carries the song right to the end.

All were delighted with the unexpected song.