Tireless Tom Jones Suddenly Bursts Into Song With “I Got a Woman” — Proof You Only Get Better As The Years Roll By

Sir Tom JonesAt the recent Blind Auditions for “The Voice UK”, the coaches and the audience were treated to an unexpected bonus performance. Sir Tom Jones had reached a tally of three male artists for his team when he stood up on his chair and declared that he needed a woman.

That reminded Sir Tom of a classic hit song by Ray Charles, “I Got a Woman.” Young fellow mentor, Olly Murs, encouraged Sir Tom to sing it and the veteran artist didn’t need much urging.

Sir Tom JonesSir Tom asked the band if they could play it and they promptly responded, breaking into the lively tune straight away. Before you knew it, he was thrilling the crowd with his spirited rendition of the song. What they got was classic Tom Jones at his best. It is easy to understand why this mega-star has stayed on top of his game, he only gets better and better as the years roll by.

The crowd was on their feet and the delighted mentors were up on their chairs. Olly Murs cheered and clapped in time with the music while Jennifer Hudson joined in. The coaches even whipped out their mobile phones to catch the moment on record.

After the episode aired on television, Sir Tom tweeted the priceless moment to his huge following on Twitter and was soon heaped with praise and appreciation from his devoted fans.

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