Singing Nurse Takes Teary-Eyed Tom Jones By Surprise When He Dreams “The Impossible Dream”

Craig Forsyth - The Voice SingerA mild-mannered nurse from Irvine, Scotland made a lasting impression on coach Jennifer Hudson on The Voice: UK during his blind audition. Twenty-eight-year-old Craig Forsyth credits his voice to his upbringing in Castlepark Community Church, where he learned and grew as a vocalist.  

For his blind audition, Craig chose the song “The Impossible Dream” by Andy Williams.  This song held a special place in his heart because he has dreamed of becoming a singer since he was a child.  Unfortunately, life got in the way, and bills had to be paid.  He works as a nursing assistant now, but he hasn’t forgotten his dream.  In an interview, he admitted, “Music is where my heart lies and to be honest, I’d always thought of it as the impossible dream.”

Singer Craig Forsyth - The Voice UK AuditonCraig was determined to give this audition his all.  As soon as he began to sing, all the judges took notice; even Tom Jones was immediately impressed with his voice. He quickly became a crowd favorite, and they started to cheer after just a few short notes into the song. 

Even though all the judges seemed to really be connecting with the song, no one hit their buzzer to turn their chair for him.  The crowd soon rises to their feet and begin swaying with along as Craig continues his emotional performance.  Many are confused why none of the judges have turned their chairs yet and begin motioning for them to hit their buttons.

Craig clearly continues to give his all to the song, but the judges still can’t make their minds up.  At the very end of the song, he goes for it with several high notes as a last-ditch attempt to impress the judges.  At the very last minute, Jenifer Hudson hits her buzzer.  The crowd – and Craig – start cheering.  Craig Forsyth’s “Impossible Dream” may no longer be impossible now that Jennifer Hudson turned her chair for him.

In an interview later, Craig said, “It’s absolutely surreal. My phone hasn’t stopped since Saturday…To have Jennifer Hudson turn ‘round for me was a special moment and to be on her team has just been amazing.”

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Singing Nurse Takes Teary-Eyed Tom Jones By Surprise When He Dreams \