The Way They Sing The Final Chorus of ‘Homeward Bound’ Feels Like You’ve Reached Music Nirvana

BYU Vocal and The All-American Boys Chorus collaborate on an amazing performance of ‘Homeward Bound’ You’ll be overwhelmed by the power and feeling evoked by this masterpiece, as these two supergroups come together for one of the best performances of their career.

This beautiful rendition of the timeless song ‘Homeward Bound’ will have you in awe of these young mens’ ability to harmonize and deliver a message of homecoming unlike any other. Fans of the original will fall in love with this tribute, while all who hear may just be moved to tears.

Once again, BYU Vocal Point has managed to take their vocal prowess to an all-new high as they collaborate with The All-American Boys Chorus, their amazing rendition of ‘Homeward Bound.’ The heartfelt message is well communicated, as this arrangement brings out the best of both groups, and each solo artist, in an unforgettable version of a favorite song.

The Way They Sing The Final Chorus of  \'Homeward Bound\' Feels Like You\'ve Reached Music Nirvana